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Heating system preventative maintenance is a small investment a homeowner can make to ensure their HVAC system lasts for many years. Additionally, scheduling maintenance services can boost its energy efficiency, resulting in lower monthly energy bills to save money.

As the leading provider of heating maintenance services in Westport, MA, Family Heating & Cooling can help you stay comfortable during the cold weather in the winter. When the temperatures fall, you don’t want to encounter unexpected HVAC system breakdowns — that’s where we come in.

We’re a family-owned and operated local HVAC company that proudly offers quality workmanship at affordable prices. Our technicians have experience performing maintenance and repair on all HVAC systems, including heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers.

Our Service Area

If you’re searching for the best heating maintenance company in Westport and the surrounding areas, Family Heating & Cooling can provide outstanding care for your heating system. When freezing temperatures arrive, our heating system maintenance will satisfy your comfort needs.

In addition to Westport, we also offer heating maintenance services in the following locations:

  • Bristol County, MA
  • Dartmouth, MA
  • New Bedford, MA
  • Somerset, MA
  • Freetown, MA
  • Taunton, MA


What Does Regular Heating Maintenance Entail?

How often should a heating system be serviced? Many homeowners ask this question, and we recommend scheduling regular maintenance for your heating system twice yearly.

When you schedule regular heating maintenance for your heat pump, furnace, or boiler, our HVAC technicians inspect your unit’s parts and connections to ensure everything is operating correctly. Our regular maintenance inspection includes the following:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Removing debris from the burner
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Ensuring the vents aren’t blocked
  • Adding oil to the furnace blower
  • Checking ductwork for any air leaks
  • Inspecting the blower motor


By scheduling regular heating maintenance, our technicians can inspect your system and replace any parts that have a problem. We provide thorough HVAC service that can prevent costly future repairs for your heating system. With our complete heating maintenance services in Westport, MA, you can rest assured that your heating system is ready for cold weather when it arrives.

Heating Maintenance Services

Family Heating & Cooling has a team of HVAC experts that offers heating service for all HVAC systems. Whether your home has a heat pump, furnace, boiler, or mini splits, our technicians have the skills to complete maintenance and a tune-up to ensure your system runs efficiently.

After you install a new furnace, heat pump, or boiler, it’s essential to schedule a routine heating service to inspect and replace its parts. When heating systems receive regular HVAC service, they provide maximum energy efficiency and save money on monthly energy bills.

Additionally, when your system receives consistent service and repairs, it lasts longer, meaning you won’t have to worry about a replacement for many years. As the trusted leader in heat pump, furnace, and boiler maintenance in the Westport area, homeowners enjoy the benefits of our service. Before the season’s freezing temperatures arrive, be sure to schedule our heating maintenance services in Westport, MA.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Our technicians offer heat pump maintenance to keep your house cozy when cold weather arrives in Massachusetts. They will replace its air filter, remove debris around the outdoor unit, inspect and clean the outdoor coils and pipes, and keep the vents open so your unit provides maximum efficiency.

Boiler Maintenance

During routine boiler maintenance, our technician will inspect and clean fireside surfaces, check all refractory burner material, test all system and safety valves, and recalibrate all operating controls.

Gas & Electric Heater Maintenance

Family Heating & Cooling offers a complete line of heating maintenance services in Westport, MA, and the surrounding areas. When it comes to furnace maintenance, our technicians have the tools and technology to keep your furnace in excellent condition.

Gas Heater Maintenance

Our technicians provide gas heater maintenance to prepare your unit for the winter. In addition to offering heating repair for unexpected issues, our team can complete preventative service at a reasonable cost.

Our preventative service includes changing your gas furnace’s air filter, cleaning the burners, checking the gas line, and testing the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Electric Heater Maintenance

If you need furnace maintenance on your electric furnace, our HVAC experts can provide service to keep it in optimal condition. Completing routine service ensures it’s ready for whatever winter brings to our area.

Our HVAC technicians will change the air filter, check the blower fan and motor, maintain the humidifier, check the thermostat, and inspect your house’s ductwork. We provide excellent service at an affordable cost to keep your electric furnace free of unexpected issues.

What’s Involved in a Heater Tune-Up?

We recommend scheduling a heater tune-up at least once a year to ensure your furnace runs efficiently. With a yearly inspection, our technicians can complete the following steps with our standard heater tune-up:

  • Lubricate motor bearings and other moving parts
  • Check and adjust the fan belt tension
  • Check the voltage and electrical current
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Test its exhaust system
  • Inspect and clean the burner
  • Verify and adjust gas pressure


Heating systems run best when they receive a regular inspection and any necessary repairs. Whether your house has an electric or gas furnace, scheduling annual furnace maintenance with Family Heating & Cooling can ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

We offer comprehensive heating maintenance services in Westport, MA. Our service area includes Bristol County, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Somerset, Freetown, and Taunton, MA.

Schedule Heating Maintenance Services with Our Pros Today!

If you’re searching for a professional heating maintenance company with technicians who are experts in heating systems, Family Heating & Cooling provides outstanding service. When it comes to heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and ductwork, our team has plenty of experience and knowledge.

We offer complete care for heating systems, including heating replacement, installation, maintenance, and repair. If you need heating maintenance service, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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